Welcome to my personal learning journey…..

I always thought reading a chapter in a textbook was a great way to start learning to material…..

And it is…just that…a START.

            The following is a blog chronicling my journey through a M.O.O.C called “Learning How To Learn.” The course is  taught by Professor Barbara Oakley. It is a four week course with focus on how to become a more efficient learner and how to study more effectively. This blog is actually going to be part of a final project that will focus on key objectives taught in the course and my own personal journey from a total failure when it comes to studying to a lean-mean fact retaining machine.

          Before you click on any of the course objectives over there——> I’d like to touch on a few of my own challenges when it comes to learning. The first of which is that I love to read, and while this may not seem to be a challenge, and usually its not really, when I am trying to study it is, especially since passively reading is not an effective way to actually retain material. And I know that but since I like reading I tend to just do it anyway. That is the first myth that this course has debunked for me…look for more in the weeks to come….

         Posts in this blog (my 1st ever, btw) will be structured in one of three ways:

  • Presenting Information such as the key learning objectives.
  • Personal tid-bits about me, my life, and my babies.
  • Reflective writings focusing on learning techniques new to me and how they work and/or to high-light incorrect methods of studying I have been guilty of doing.

Happy Learning!!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to my personal learning journey…..

    • Definitely something to think about, however my opinion is that if you are not fully focused, then you are at a neural resting state, like diffused mode.
      I am not a neuroscientist and can only give you my opinion.


  1. I’m taking LHTL (Jan 2018) and happened onto this incredible learning journal you created. Wow! As a mom with young ones, you have done an amazing job on this project. Thanks for making it available to all of us out here in cyberfriendland!


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