Welcome to Peer Graded Assignment #2

Well boys and girls…Welcome to my interactive learning community. I have never created a blog before and would not in all likelihood be doing this if not for our lovely assigned project #2. I love how it is also supposed to be witty.. does this M.O.O.C cover that??

As of yet I haven’t done much with this course save for signing up as a way to keep my mental in shape during the month between summer semester (yes I take summer classes) and fall semester. I am student at Eastern Connecticut State University in Connecticut, I also am a single mother to two toddlers. (2.5 years and 13 months). While clicking different links and trying to take a quick peek at the course I stumbled onto the rubric for the last project and decided since I don’t have MS Office Suite (for the PowerPoint option) the blog would be the one best suited to me since I am not into making a video for distributed on the internet. That being said….

  • One key objective from each week of lectures
  • Two or three posts a week regarding the objectives
  • Finishing the projects with 7/8 posts total in the 4 week M.O.O.C period.
  • My best attempt at wit and charm
  • shamelessly posting pictures of my kids

To my fellow Coursera students: Enjoy the M.O.O.C and good luck with your projects.

To any one else who happens to stumble on this hopefully you can take some of the learning tips that worked best for me and apply them to your own personal study.






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