Week 1 in Action

Grading Rubric for this assignment reads as follows:

 “Write an article or textbook module, or create a website, Pinterest board, blog, or podcast about
how to broaden your interests and passions—including a description of your own preliminary
attempts to go outside your comfort zone in learning or trying something new. ” 

I am going to address that aspect of the assignment by taking each weeks key lessons and describing how I have been or plan to incorporate them into my learning style. Each week will feature a challenge and a solution based on the material taught. I will also clearly state the tip I am basing my solution around. With that said on to “WEEK 1 – IN ACTION.”


Personal Learning Challenge: I am a single mom to two toddlers and also a student and most of the time carving out studying sessions is impossible with the kids so what I end up doing is leaving them with the sitter and doing my studying at the college. This makes for quite a bit of time away from them and extra expense. It would be really great to be able to study while they are around. 

Solution Based On: The Pomodoro Technique / Two Separate Thought Modes

New Solution to Try: Based on the anti-procrastination technique the Pomodoro technique (which is just basically setting a timer and studying until it goes off 25 minutes later and then giving yourself a reward) and the fact the after FOCUSING on the information you are trying to learn, it is good to give the DIFFUSED MODE  a chance to work with the material by doing something relaxing such as exercising or resting I decided to try a Pomodoro-esque-babysitting-diffused-thinking technique. It will involve getting my babies squared away in the play room and setting the timer and studying for 25 minutes, then going to play with them for the 5 minute reward. Doing another cycle of study / playing as a reward and then taking the kids for a walk as a reward to both them and me. The exercise will give my diffused mode a chance to play with the new information and the kids will love it. Hopefully I can learn more efficiently AND save a bundle on babysitting! Hopefully next week I will learn how to study for those 25 minutes! 🙂


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