When I’m not blogging….

Here is my REAL identity…full time mommy to these two.

Aaliyah...age 12 months

Aaliyah…age 12 months


Elijah...age 2.5.

Elijah…age 2.5.




When I’m not blogging….

I am spending time with my two little ones. There they are up there. We are planning a POOL DAY today in the yard with our little paddling pool. They kids love that even more than beach days, and splash pad trips, and even swimming in a regular public pool in our town. I guess because its more manageable for them. They both love water.

Also have my writing assignment to compose for Coursera. I will probably post that as well to get the most mileage out of it.

Also planning a post dedicated to MEMORY and the fascinating  things I have learned about it. Did you know that short-term memory can hold 7 -8 things for 20-30 seconds?? I didn’t but do now!

Have a lovely Saturday Courserians! Good luck on those essays.